3 Secrets to Supercharge Your Network

Insider Tips on Creating a Network that Works for You!  


from iCadenza


Over 12 years of experience coaching thousands of clients, we've seen that the number one way musicians find new opportunities is through their professional network.    

You don't have to be born into the right network or go to the right school.  

We've developed a foolproof system to help ANY musician grow their network.  

Don't believe us?    

You can try it for free. 

Does the word "Networking" make you think you need to sell yourself?  

It doesn't have to be that way.  

In fact, you can build your network by actively seeking ways to help those around you.  

Networking doesn't have feel exhausting.

Our method of networking gives you energy.

These tips work for anyone, even if you're an introvert.

We'll help make networking part of your daily routine.   

Hi there, I’m Julia Torgovitskaya Levitan, CEO of iCadenza and Cadenza Artists

And I'm here to help you maximize the skills and resources that you ALREADY HAVE so that the opportunities, money, and accolades start flowing.    

My colleagues at iCadenza and I cracked the code that allows creatives like you to break through to the next level in their careers. We know what you're going through and we’ve helped thousands of musicians, educators, administrators, and artists achieve their goals such as: 

     * building successful consortiums with world-renowned collaborators    
* starting thriving non-profits that get them paid while creating real impact    
*booking highly profitable tours    
*creating multi-media collaborative performance projects  
*fundraising 5-digit amounts in just weeks to finance their creative endeavors      

All the good stuff that leads to record deals, press attention, abundant funding, and access to a higher level of performance opportunities…      

… like Irene, who negotiated two huge record deals with the help of iCadenza coaches, on top of her gig at Carnegie Hall and developed a totally new booking strategy.

 “My entire performance career has blossomed, both internally and externally, with opportunities presenting themselves much more abundantly. With iCadenza, I know I always have a partner on my side who is truly invested in helping me grow, both as a person and as an artist.”

Maren Montalbano
Mezzo-soprano and member of GRAMMY Award winning ensemble The Crossing